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Microsoft Hololens is the Future, Now!

One of the biggest reveals of the new Windows 10 operating system is Hololens. More than just Virtual Reality, this system integrates Augmented Reality features into your living spaces, projecting holograms on surfaces in real-time. This is an all in one unit you wear that replaces your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. 

Now I know, technically these aren't "holograms" in the traditional, HUD free display space but it is a step closer. And it is game changing. Watch the video and see for yourself how you can:

  • Use your furniture to play games like Minecraft on.
  • Use your wall as a TV screen
  • Use another wall to interact with Windows
  • Use counter space as a weather app and mail location

Plus Microsoft has created HoloSuite. A program to easily create 3D objects freely. It has basic shapes (sphere, cube, cone, etc) that you can manipulate with your hands in 3D space. At the moment it seems fairly basic but consider what Microsoft Paint did for graphic design way back in Windows 3.1. Now we have graphics programs like PhotoShop, Illustrator, the GIMP, and countless others. This is the paint of 3D modeling that will grow into something as powerful as PhotoShop and beyond.

Prepare your mind for ultimate explodage!


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