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Review: Old Wounds #2 - Discovery

What can be said about OLD WOUNDS #2? That's easy. You need to buy it.

Russell Lissau and John Bivens craft another excellent entry to this thrilling series. In this issue, we return to Michael Lane dealing with the aftermath of the terrible events in issue 1. It's impossible to go into details about the events without giving away important plot points but suffice to say, this issue excels. 

We are treated once again to Russell Lissau's poigniant dialog and careful pacing. Look at the pages here and you can see why this crime drama works on so many levels. The characters converse not in cliched tropes but as people not quite friends, not quite enemies would be expected to. Part of the issue scratches at the surface of Michael's past and those whose lives he has affected. But is there something more? Does he know who is behind the ongoing attacks on his friends and collegues? The mystery is still alive.

While the last issue I heavily favoured Lissau's writing and dialogue, this issue I tip my hat to Bivens. He uses a stark style to evoke unease and restlessness about the story, playing on the feeling that something is incomplete and not quite right. This is especially true in the early pages where the action is limited to building tension and setting the tone. The action panels are vibrant and exciting, without being complex or cumbersome, a task which is not easily accomplished.

All-in-all a fantastic read yet again.