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SPIRIT OF THE WOLF - My Myster/Thriller Series - FREE to Read!

Ten years ago the vigilante known as The Midnight Wolf disappeared from the city of Acheron. Now, a terrifying menace bearing the likeness of a wolf has begun killing criminals in the watches of the night. The city's richest citizens may be next.

Fans of The CW's ARROW and Netflix's DAREDEVIL will be thrilled with this new mystery series! READ FOR FREE NOW!



        “Hell yeah!” Lisa yelled, slamming her fist on the dashboard.
        Beside her, trying desperately to keep the stolen Escalade moving straight ahead, Peter was nodding furiously.
        “That’s how we do it!” he answered.
        In the back seat Brock was sitting calmly, his cap tucked low over his face.
        “Y’all act like you never stole anything before,” he said, shaking his head.
        “I’m gonna record this for prosperity!” Lisa exclaimed, pulling out her phone.
        “Posterity,” Brock corrected her.
        “Shut it!” Peter ordered.
        He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and punched the gas all the way to the floor, swerving the SUV in and out of traffic. He didn’t know how long they had until someone called the police and tracked them. The darkness didn’t help either. Even though he had run these streets for years and most of the streetlights were working, keeping up this speed was damn near impossible. They had to stitch and ditch the SUV asap. He patted the AK-47 between his legs to steady himself.
        “And this, this BAMF right here the one who did it all!” Lisa exclaimed, pointing her phone at Peter.  “My man!”
        “God,” Brock mumbled. “It’s just a car.”
       “Ain’t just anything!” Lisa hollered, swinging her phone around to look at him. “It’s the Cadillac of vee-hih-culls!”
       “I said, shut it!” Peter snapped. “We gotta move this.”
       He swung the wheel to the right, nearly hitting a small car as he cut down a side street, the desperate sound of the car’s horn fading fast.
       “Tiny’s shop is just ahead.”
       “Aww, yeah, babe! Drive me home!” Lisa crowed.
       “I plan to,” he said, winking. He reached over and caressed the omega shape tattoo on her face. “I plan --”
       Something heavy landed on the hood with a bang, then swept over the windshield like a blanket. Peter swung the steering wheel to the left, trying to shake it off.
       He cranked it to the left and an instant later the Escalade was rolling. The three passengers inside were thrown like rag dolls, the airbag exploding from the steering wheel, smashing Peter in the face.
       It rolled two more times before coming to a stop.
       Peter snapped his head up. Whatever hit them had got them bad. Lisa was blinking wildly, Brock’s foot jammed in her face.
       Peter grabbed the AK-47, threw his door open, and climbed out. Lisa and Brock followed close behind.
       “What the hell was that?” Lisa demanded.
       “How should I know?”
       “It was like a cat or something,” Brock said, shaking his head.
       “One big-assed cat.”
       “Maybe --”
       A low growl rumbled behind them, cutting her off.
       The trio turned. A massive black shadow covered the wreck of the Escalade. Red eyes glowed in the dark.