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SPIRIT OF THE WOLF - My Myster/Thriller Series - FREE to Read!

Ten years ago the vigilante known as The Midnight Wolf disappeared from the city of Acheron. Now, a terrifying menace bearing the likeness of a wolf has begun killing criminals in the watches of the night. The city's richest citizens may be next.

Fans of The CW's ARROW and Netflix's DAREDEVIL will be thrilled with this new mystery series!

Down the Line Short Story Contest Winner

For the 2016 Collins Writing Contest I submitted this short story based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a few odd characters sprinkled about. The theme for the contest was "Fractured Fairy Tales", offering authors the opportunity to explore many different facets of the fary tales we already know. 

For me, short stories a fun to play with. Unlike novels, there's a certain satisfaction in completing a story quickly and concisely. For this one I was inspired by the idea of the Hatter and what a tea with him would be like, given the characters he surrounds himself with.

 This story won 3rd place in the contest and is collected in the Grande Prairie Public Library's "Fractured Fairy Tales" anthology.

You can read the complete story here.

Review: Old Wounds #2 - Discovery

What can be said about OLD WOUNDS #2? That's easy. You need to buy it.

Russell Lissau and John Bivens craft another excellent entry to this thrilling series. In this issue, we return to Michael Lane dealing with the aftermath of the terrible events in issue 1. It's impossible to go into details about the events without giving away important plot points but suffice to say, this issue excels. 

Old Wounds #1 Review

On the surface, Old Wounds is a straightforward tale of an enemy finding out a group of vigilantes' secret identities and killing them off one by one. But that is only window dressing; the mystery goes far beyond a simple "who did it".